Maria Letizia Iabichella is a medical doctor graduated at Pisa University-Italy and specialized in angiology. She has a specialist interest and estensive experience in clinical wound care manage-ment and in cutaneous microvascular research of the vascular disease by non invasive diagnostic methods. She is currently a senior lecturer at Siena University-Italy and is author of several pu-blications on hypertension, macro circulation, skin transplant. She has developed a new treatment of the use of ozone in the management of vascular ulcers and diabetic foot. Recently she has de-scribed an original topical strategy to treat Buruli ulcer.


These are the first cases reporting the results of using an extract of hypericum flowers (Hypericum perforatum) and nimh oil (Azadirachta indica) [Hyperoil, RIMOS s.r.l. Mirandola (MO) - Italy (Medical Device Class IIB CE0476)], in foot wounds with exposed bone in patients with advanced diabetic ulcers. The use of Hyperoil, administered by relatives at home, together with improved glycemic control, reversed the worsening of ulcers in all treated patients, without performing any surgical intervention or hospital treatment. Ulcers fully recovered within a couple of months in all patients as well as improved dia-betes control. The effective use of this cheap treatment in patients with diabetic foot lesions, if confir-med in a wide controlled study, might allow routine wound treatment by caregivers at home.

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