Maria Soledad Romero

Total Vision, USA

Title: Trends in the treatment of presbyopia


Maria Soledad Romero is an Ophthalmologist focusing on Anterior Segment Surgery. She completed her Residency in Ophthalmology at LSU/Ochsner and then joined the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University, where she was an Assistant Professor in the Comprehensive Ophthalmology Service.


Presbyopia is an aging process of the crystalline lens, and ciliary muscle that limits the ability of achieving adequate near sightedness. Prevalence studies report that it is more common in females and in developed communities. Presbyopia has a high impact on quality of life, as well as, increasing concomitant financial costs. The purpose of this review is to examine and help the audience to better understand the current trends in presbyopia therapy. A detailed review of the FDA approved and off-label therapies was performed. Studies performed overseas were also a part of this review. The different modality therapies involved in this review involves standard glasses, contact lens corrections, topical instillation of eye drops, as well as, surgical approaches such as refractive surgery, refractive surgery combined with intraocular implants, intraocular surgery, and corneal inlays and onlays. A discussion will also be held regarding better customized treatment for those patients with underlying ocular pathology.