Mario F Li

Mario F Li

Queens University, Canada

Title: Healthcare road map to modernization in clouds


Mario Li is a student in the Department of Life Science at Queens University with a great passion for integrating medical research, education with modern technologies especially latest IT cloud computing technology. He is the founder of Cloud Healthcare Forum. He strongly believes that sharing and exchanging of ideas and knowledge, questioning, reasoning and discussing the existing healthcare system among academia, industries, government, patients and everyone who interested in healthcare all over the world is vital to solve the issues and improve the healthcare system. Working together, we can build modern health care.


This article introduces the design of healthcare road map/forum for healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and average people working together to modernize healthcare based on the modern IT technologies such as cloud computing technologies, elastic search and big data. The software platform allows healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and average people post ideas, real medical cases, solutions, new medical devices and medicines, discuss pros and cons, rate each of them and follow up to the issues and solutions interested. The platform is web based and consists of a web server, NoSQL database and a file server. The platform will be deployed and replicated locally in each of the continents in the private cloud network to achieve high performance, high scalability and reliability.

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