Martin De Tomas

Laboratorio Óptico De Tomás, USA

Title: Blue light, yesterday and today


Martin de Tomas is currently associated as a researcher at Laboratorio Óptico De Tomás, USA.


My contribution to the event is from my specialty and it is about the new technologies in ophthalmic lenses that exceed 400 nm of visible spectrum protection but without altering the perception of colors. I was able to read the following when I entered the site eye 2017: We strive to provide a perfect stage to share knowledge and experiences and to encourage people to carry out effective research and work to combat the global threat, BLIND. That we all understand and explain how important it is to protect childhood from the visual system of spectral radiation through ophthalmic lenses is one of the first steps to combat this threat. We will provide a brief introduction of how the human being was exposed in its principles to the spectral fringe of the blue light and how does it changed drastically in the last ten years. We will also discuss about light visible high energy and phototoxic effect on the retina as it impacts in the short and long term, the blue violet light, in the different structures of the eye and in the quality of the vision; evolution of ophthalmic filters: What types of filters have we used in ophthalmology for many years to filter the blue? How to reintroduce the old concepts in the prevention of led light? And we will also compare the main filtering technologies as lenses with 400 nm visual spectrum are not enough anymore and about light blue cut before and after on the ophthalmic lenses.