Mary Shimy S Gomez

Kerala Government Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: E-World in dentistry -Boon or bane?


Dr Mary Shimi S Gomez has completed her Masters in Public Health Dentistry from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere in 2013. She worked as Senior lecturer in Malabar Dental Colleg, Kerala for a duration of one year. At Present working as a senior resident in Government Dental College Kottayam, Kerala. Presenter has 11 scientific publications in different national and international reputed journals into credit. Research personnel with adequate knowledge in Biostatistics and Research methodology and Epidemiology. Other areas of interest are related to special care dentistry. One of the speakers for upcoming research methodology workshop in Kottayam, Kerala.


E media has become a part of the fabric of today’s world, from which Medical and Dental fields cannot be spared as it has a very high influence in academics to microsurgical techniques. Boon in information technology and computer sciences have changed the lifestyle quotient of people. The key factor of patient communication has been also made easy with new advances. With advances in technology came the social networking sites, into which people are very much hooked up to be in contact with the near and dear ones. These sites have become a channel for many companies to advertise, recruit, educate and market their products. What has been the influence of this sector to oral health and especially in developing countries where most of its people live in rural areas. However, being in this new era discussion about the social media and its influence on oral health is the need of the hour. Are these advances in social media a boon or bane in dentistry.