Maryam Heydarian Ghahrodi is currently studying Industrial Design at University of Tehran. She finished her 12th degree in Graphic Design. She teaches Photoshop. She is also a volunteer Teacher at an NGO against child labor. Also, she is involved in product designs for some companies, for instance designing jewelries for Dorsa Company a local brand in Iran.


In Gensai design we should consider these three cases: universal design, interaction design and sustainable design. In fact this kind of designing is formed reducing the danger of disaster. Gensai design enables us to save lives of thousands of people from natural disasters and hazards. This kind of design can include design for disaster like: sand storm, earthquake, flood, etc. One of the most dangerous disasters that a large number of people lose their life is earthquake. A lot of researches were done by scientists about earthquakes furthermore a lot of designers also designed products to help people in that situation in three phases: before event, while the event happening, after event. Earthquake is a natural disaster that in some cases it can destroy a city completely like Bam earthquake in Iran. Earthquake has many destructive effects, for instance: shaking and ground rupture, fires, soil liquefaction, Tsunami, Floods, etc. The aim of this project is to create a product that can reduce the danger in harmful condition and search for small changes that can have big impact on people’s life. Some designs are done for helping people in that situation like: door, helmet, etc. This project designed a light aid. Light aid is small in size so it can be usable at office, home and in other cases. Earthquake can happen at any moment and this product can be helpful. It designed for after earthquake and it has three usages: flashlight, forehead light and survival kit. As a result it accelerates rescuing process and it increases the chance of helping live people after event.