Masasuke Yasumoto

Masasuke Yasumoto

Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan

Title: Shadow Shooter - All-Around Shooter Game with E-Yumi 3D


Assistant professor in Kanagawa Institute of Technology since 2015. Masasuke Yasumoto born 1980 in Japan, he received Ph.D. (film and new media) from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010. He was an assistant professor in Tokyo University of Technology from 2011 to 2015. He is an interactive artist, researcher and engineer working at the intersection of art and science. His work covers a range of disciplines including interactive arts, computer graphics, physical interface, mobile applications and video game.


“Shadow Shooter” is a VR shooter game. It uses a bow interface called “e-Yumi 3D” and real physical interactive content that changes a 360-degree all-around view in a room into a virtual game space. This system was constructed by developing my previous interactive “The Light Shooter” content based on “The Electric Bow Interface”. The Light Shooter uses a real traditional Japanese bow de vice - the Electric Bow Interface. This device recognizes all directions that arrows are shot in and projects real-scale targets. However, it displays directions only with a standing projector; thus, users cannot get a strong sense of reality all around them. Shadow Shooter expands the virtual game space to all the walls in a room, however, it does not require large-scale equipment such as multiple projectors. It only requires the e-Yumi 3D device, it is based on an archery bow and also includes a mobile laser projector, a 9-axis sensor, strain gauges, micro computer and its control board, and a Windows PC. This system consists of shooting content that is based on the concept of searching. Shadow Shooter provides 360-degree all-around virtual space, but the projected image is displayed only at the front. Therefore, I set the content such that a player searches for attacking enemies from all directions and shoots them with a bow on virtual images just like shining a flashlight. I also added image content enabling the use of biological motions as well as searching for enemies based on information from their shadows.

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