Dr. Mashael Bin Hasan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry from King Saud University in 2004. She completed her masters in operative dentistry in 2010 from the King Saud University where she currently serves as a fulltime lecturer on operative dentistry.


The last two decades have evidenced a paradigm shift in the dental practice that has been guided by a greater understanding of science. There has been a change from patients seeking treatment to elective cosmetic enhancement. The concern in health and beauty has become an important factor that increased the demand for cosmetic dental procedures. In the past, extensive, invasive and expensive dental procedures were required to achieve a beautiful smile. Nowadays, the evolution in restorative materials, adhesives and technologies expanded the treatment  ossibilities for the clinician, treatment options available for the patients and provided simple, conservative and economical solutions to many of the restorative and esthetic challenges.