Matt Dombrowski

Matt Dombrowski

University of Central Florida, School of Visual Arts and Design, USA

Title: The Gamification of Modern Society: Digital Media’s Influence on Current Social Practices


Matt Dombrowski is an Assistant Professor focusing in Digital Media at the School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) for the University of Central Florida based in Orlando, FL. His current line of research focuses on the melding of digital media technologies and techniques to share digital art as an interactive health tool through development of interactive physical and mental health counseling games with local mental health clinicians. Assistant Professor Dombrowski believes that the influences of digital media can be used for the betterment of our society and help positively shape its future.


In today’s society, how does gaming cultural while using modern digital media devices influence the causal user? Over recent years, society has witnessed the ever-growing influence and acceptance of technology and digital game concepts being incorporated in our day-to-day lives. The use of these “gamification concepts” include various psychological approaches regarding the use of technology to aid in evoking, motivating, influencing behavior, and even changing the personality of the user. Using today’s technology, users have begun to incorporate game-like point based methods to affect everything from shopping habits, education patterns and even their physical and mental personal health. With the ever-growing availability of technologies such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch, to the language learning applications Duo-lingo and Rosetta Stone, we as a society are seemingly thriving more and more on technology and gamification to influence our everyday lives. What drives us as a society to explore and accept these “seemingly empty” point based applications that influence our actions so strongly? This presentation explores the evolution of gamification in today’s society for both the good and the bad. We will delve into current, on the market applications utilizing this concept and the possible future of this approach.

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