Md Abu Zafor Sadek

Md Abu Zafor Sadek

Renata Limited, Bangladesh

Title: Growth potential of biosimilar products in Bangladesh


Md Abu Zafor Sadek is a Pharmacy & Business Graduate who has been successful in his 10 years career in pharmaceutical brand management & training with a high degree of creative mindset and who loves to enjoy the stretching goals. In addition to his regular job, he is pursuing for Doctor of Business Administration Degree from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka, the leading business school of the country. He has two publications in two different journals.


In view of the global changes in disease pattern, reduced health budget, patent expiry of some high valued products and side effects of chemical drugs, global pharmaceutical giants are concentrating on biotech products among which anticancer, cardiovascular, antidiabetic, antiasthmatic, antiarthritic products are specially important. However, developing a biotech product involved huge cost which is possible only by research based top companies. Realizing the fact, many pharmaceutical companies tried to imitate the original biotech products after patent expiry and became successful which bring a breakthrough in terms of health cost. These imitated products are termed as biosimilar products. Considering present stumpy growth in pharmaceuticals, geographical location, economic growth, drug policies, expertise etc Bangladesh may be an impressive hub for rapid growth of biosimilar products. Therefore, this study will concentrate to determine the growth potential of biosimilar products in Bangladesh.

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