Meenakshi Garg

University of Delhi, India

Title: Nutritional status of North Indian obese young adults


She is assistant professor at University of Delhi, Ph. D in Food and Nutrition from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India. She is doing research projects on obesity, new product development, packaging etc. and published more than 20 research papers in international journals.


Malnutrition affects both rich and poor group people. Low income group people are at risk for nutritional deficiency disorders while high and middle income group people are at greater risk for obesity. A study was conducted on 150 obese and overweight respondents of North India to study their nutritional status and food consumption pattern. Data was collected using 24 hour recall method and values were calculated using Diet Soft Software. Data was analyzed using SPSS 20 version. In this study males (39%) and females (61%) of age group between 18 to 45 years were included. Mean age of the respondents was 36 years. All the subjects belonged to medium and high income group. Mean body mass index of respondents was 30. Energy consumption and intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates, iron, calcium and zinc was calculated and compared with RDA. Food intake frequency and food consumption pattern was also studied. In India obesity though at present is not a alarming situation however the results of the study are shocking and we recommend that if the preventive measures are not taken at this stage than it may take a shape of epidemic. Therefore Life style modification, nutrition education and behavior modification must be taken to tackle this problem.

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