Melek Sahin, graduated from Hacettepe University School of Nursing in 2004. Then she earned her Master’s degree in 2013 from the Institute of Health Science, Fundamentals of Nursing Department, Ege University. She is a Doctorate student in the same institute since 2014. She has been working as a nurse at Ministry of Health Hospital since 2002.


This research was carried out as a single-blind, randomized controlled study. The aim of study to investigate the effect of Buzzy application on pain and injection satisfaction in adult patients who received intramuscular (IM) injection. Research was carried out in Physical Therapy Service of 75th Year Milas State Hospital between November 2012 and January 2013. A total of 65 patients (experimental group=33, control group=32) for whom IM diclofenac sodium injection was ordered and who met the selection criteria comprised the sample of research. Data of the research were collected by using “Patient Information Form”, “Visual Analog Scale” and “Injection Satisfaction Scale”. Intramuscular injections were applied to ventrogluteal site. Each patient received only one injection. Randomization technique was used when forming groups according to age and gender. In experimental group of patients 30 seconds before and during process Buzzy® was used. Standard injection was applied to control group. Pain and satisfaction scores were measured by the nurse. In evaluation of data chi-square, Mann-Whitney U and Kruskal Wallis tests were used. According to findings of research; the post-injection pain scores and injection satisfaction scores of patients in experimental group were found higher than in control group (p<0,05). Consequently, it was determined that Buzzy® device was an effective method in decreasing injection pain and in improving post injection satisfaction in adult patients received IM injection.

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