Meng-Dar Shieh and Wu Ssu Yi

Meng-Dar Shieh and Wu Ssu Yi

Industrial Design Department, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Title: The Research of the Correlation between Camp Board Game Character Mechanic and the Players’ Emotional Responses-Using the Lupus of Tabula as an Example


Meng-Dar Shieh, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan. He got his Ph.D. (1990) and Master degrees (1986) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida, USA. His research interests include Neural Network, Kansei Engineering, Support Vector Machines, Concurrent Engineering, Computer Graphics Simulation, Virtual Reality, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Product Design, System Integration and Networking, Robotics in Medical Applications, Quality Control, Digital Design, E-commerce.


People love camp board games because of several reasons, including a highly player-targeted feature, the uncertainty of identity trust and fascinating stories. However, designing character’s ability and function is an essential part of many camp board games. Upon observing players’ emotions caused by the characters they use, we can measure if players are highly interested in this game and verify if players’ emotional reactions accord with the ones that designers have expected when designing the game. Therefore, founding a set of inspection steps for game rules is the current issue that needs further development in board games. This study focuses on player’s experience of using hidden characters in camp board games so that we can explore the impacts on players’ emotions when they act as different characters. The correlation between players’ emotions and events they meet can be analyzed via physiological measurement and video content analysis. These methods can quantify the player’s emotions caused by asymmetric role mechanics. By observing player’s physiological changes, we would know if the game mechanic design has caused expected results. This method applies to camp board games with hidden characters, helps game development teams inspire directions for futuristic products and improvements towards current products and elevates player’s satisfaction towards board games.

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