Meral Topcu Sulak

Meral Topcu Sulak

Karabuk University, Turkey

Title: Evaluating water resources quality and water pollution in Karabuk, Turkey


Meral Topcu Sulak received his MSc from Department of Chemistry in the fields of analytical chemistry and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Gebze Institute of Technology. Currently, she is working as an Associated Professor of Environmental Engineering, Karabuk University. Her research interest includes water quality, underground water quality, wastewater treatment and biosorption.


In this study, the quality of water resources especially used for drinking and daily life is evaluated. To make a convenient assessment, all of the villages were considered. It is very important to provide clear and healthy water to people to prevent disease and maintain health. In history, water resources were only considered by bacteriological analysis but with improving technology and industry, chemical and physical parameters have become very important. pH, sulfate concentrations, total dissolved sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, cadmium, copper, arsenic, zinc, chromium and lead were evaluated to clarify concerns about the quality and safety of water used for drinking purposes in Western Black Sea, Turkey. For this purpose, water samples were collected from different cities, Karabuk, Bartın and Zonguldak during in 2011. In our region, there is an important steel and iron industry, and also some poultry farms. Addition to this, there is not enough treatment plant in region, so water pollution is a very serious environmental problem. One of the purposes of this study is to compose an inventory about water quality in Karabuk. With this purpose all the villages were evaluated one by one both in bacteriological and physical parameters. According to results, some of the villages have not got an acceptable drinking water resource.

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