Merav Ben Natan

Merav Ben Natan

Stanford University, USA

Title: Israelis’ Perceived Motivation for Choosing a Nursing Career


Merav Ben Natan completed her PhD at the Haifa University Faculty of Health Professions. She is the Director of the Pat Matthews Academic School of Nursing, at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Centerin Hadera, Israel, and an instructor at the Department of Nursing, Tel Aviv University. She is the Chairman of the Israel Nurse Association of Nursing Research and Editor of the Hebrew academic journal "Body of Knowledge". She has published more than 55 papers in reputed journals.


Recruitment problems are one of the main reasons for the shortage of nurses in Israel and elsewhere. The purpose of this study is to clarify factors affecting choice of ideal careers and nursing careers among the general population. A questionnaire constructed by McCabe, Nowak et al., (2005) was administered to 309 men and women aged 18-50. Data were analyzed by quantitative methods. Research findings indicate that 8% of respondents expressed interest in studying nursing. Significant differences were reported between the choice of ideal and nursing careers. Nursing careers were perceived as lacking interest, challenge, creativity, responsibility, varied wages, high status, comfortable conditions, versus ideal careers. A moderately positive correlation was identified between choice of a nursing career and intrinsic factors affecting this choice. People motivated by desire to help others rather than personal interest or challenges are predisposed to choose a nursing career. Finally, a negative correlation was identified between psychometric scores and choice of a nursing career. The study also identified a positive correlation between both the image of nursing as a profession and the availability of nursing jobs and the decision to choose a nursing career. This study may facilitate the development of nurse recruitment programs.