Mercy Ekwere has over 20 years of teaching experience in Biochemistry. She is rounding up her PhD under Associate professor F E Uboh and assisting in the supervision of Dr Uboh’s students. She has several publications to her credit.


Crude oil composition varies slightly by its source but contains many chemicals with toxic properties that are fairly in animals and human. Male and female albino rats weighing between 120kg and 200kg were grouped separately into test groups and control groups. Each group had five rats and was administered 60mg/kg body weight of crude oil orally for 28 days except for the control groups. The total body weights were taken at 7days interval for 28 days. Results showed a progressive decrease in total body weight of rats and a significant (p<0.05) decrease in average body weight of both male and female albino rats compared with respective control groups. Additionally, all test animals exhibited adverse reactions like itching watery eyes, sleepiness, shortening of breath and release of mucous. Also, there was a marked sign of dehydration and impaired digestion in week four of administration.