Michael Felley

Michael Felley

Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine, USA

Title: The Phenomenon we call Raynaud’s


Dr Michael Felley is a podiatrist from San Diego, CA. He completed his undergraduate work at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, then went on to attend medical school at the Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine. Dr Felley has been an instructor and board member for many of the local colleges around Salt Lake City, UT. His passion is finding new and innovative ways to supplement the medical field he’s in. He has formulated many products which narrow the gap between western medicine and that of holistic medicine. He has presented many of his products around the country to companies and consumers.



Background: Reynaud’s Syndrome is a frustrating condition in which people suffer when the vasculature in their distal extremities constricts. This causes the tips of their fingers, toes, and ears to feel cold. In addition, the color of the skin changes due to the decrease in vascularity.

Method: Create a prototype formula to inhibit some of the stenosing in the distal arteries and increase blood flow; thereby, keeping the extremities warmer and without discoloration.