Mohamed Touni

Mohamed Touni

Nasser Institute Hospital, Egypt

Title: Marcus Gunn Syndrome “Jaw Winking Phenomenon” . based on a case report


Mohamed Touni has completed his Dental degree from Ain Shams University (Egypt), and then he attached to a 5 years residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Nasser institute hospital. He has a very good log book and he has done and assisted in many surgeries. He has a lot of experience in the fields of trauma, orthognathic surgeries and computer guided surgeries. He has done a lot of presentations and has 3 case reports in progress and other type of publish.


Life threatening infection of odontogenic origin may extend to potential spaces formed by fascial planes of lower head and upper cervical area. The incidence of these space infections has been gradually reduced by modern antibiotic therapy. Sublingual hematoma is a rare complication usually seen after oral anticoagulant use. Sublingual hematoma secondary to deep neck infection is rare unpreviously reported before. Review of literature didn’t reveal any case reports of sublingual hematoma following deep neck infection of fascial spaces. A case of deep neck infection of odontogenic origin with subsequent sublingual hematoma with ultimate fatal outcome will be described in this conference.