Mohammad Alfawareh

Mohammad Alfawareh

King Fahd Medical City, KSA

Title: Langerhans histeocytosis (LGH) of the sacrum: report of two cases


M Alfawareh has completed his MBBS at 1995 from Jordan University and finished Joradn Board of Orthopedics in 2004, Spine fellowship in 2007 from University of Texas, pediatric orthoepdics fellowship in 2008 from Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center and Oncology fellowship from MD Anderso Cancer Center in 2009, currently workig at King fahad Medical City, as orthpedic and spien surgeon main interst spine deformity, tymors and comples spine surgery.


Eosinophilic granuloma of bone (EG) also called Langerhans cell histeocytosis (LCH), is a benign tumor-like condition, is a relatively rare disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by clonal proliferation of Langerhans-type histeocytosis in the bone or lung. EG most commonly affect children 5 to 10 years of age, 90% occurs under the age of 15. LCH can involve any of body tissues. The occurrence of LCH in the sacrum is extremely rare, LCH location and number of lesions determines its mortality and morbidity potentials. Current study reports to two cases of LHD involving the sacrum, both less than the age of 5, one of them presented with significant neurological deficit and both were managed conservatively.