Mohammad Refaat Khattab graduated from College of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University in 1997 and promoted to Assistant Professor at Cairo University after he received PhD in Medicine in the diagnosis of respiratory tract illness through bronchoscopy and was honored, by the year 2000, from the club of Cairo University Staff Members, as an Ideal Lecturer's Assistant and now he is Research Scholar at College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, GI Lab, Texas A&M, USA. He joined the field of pharmaceutical business in 1998 at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Egypt and then became COO of Delta Pharmaceuticals, Egypt. He was selected to work in the Egyptian government in 2012 following his project to reform and develop the administrative system of the Egyptian state as an Adviser for the Minister of the state of Administrative Development and by the beginning of 2013 as Deputy Minister for the Minister of the State of Sports for Administrative and Human development. He held a position of Presidency of the Technical Secretariat of the national project to reform the street children. He was chosen as Director of the Arab Institute of Sports Science and Human Development, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. He participated in several local and international conferences in Saudi Arabia, Greece, India, Germany, UK, USA and so on.


In today’s economic, social and political challenges, availability of effective, safe and convenient medicine is a very ethical mission specially with the high cost of research and development of new medications for chronic, infectious and NCD (Non Communicable Diseases and Conditions) with plentiful of generic manufacturing firms all over the world and in both developed and developing countries. The ample of generic manufacturing firm’s change the rules of the game as it developed very pivotal for those firms to possess its outstanding and unique marketing strategy and to find its way among the leading companies with huge budget and resources. The few number of firms that leads the generic business in every country and in the world develop the burden for the rest of the companies and hastening the big share of generic market growth; the way to take substantial part of this share is mystery of your marketing strategy recipe. During the conference, this paper will illustrate the different marketing strategy recipes.