Mohsina Hussain

Mohsina Hussain

Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan

Title: Promoting e-health and implementing discharge nurse role: Improving patient satisfaction


Mohsina Hussain has completed her BS in Nursing in year 2015 from Aga Khan University Hospital. From 2015 till date, working in heart lungs and vascular service line designated as Discharge Nurse Coordinator.



Administration of evidence based discharge instruction to the patients reduces readmission rates in the hospital and ensures safe adjustment of patients at home. Many patients experience lack of discharge instruction accordingly to their specific disease processes and treatments, essential follow-up and identification of early warning signs for readmission. Therefore, one on one patient education and their transition from hospital to home, continuous guidance and support is essential to improve quality of care outcomes. The focused objectives includes: To provide continuous care and support through the helpline service by a discharge nurse coordinator; and To provide assistance to patients by engaging them on social media. The comprehensive literature reviewed, covering the period of 2011 to 2016, using the data bases pub meds, science direct and journals of medical associations. Altogether, there were six discharge instructions were formulated according to the specific specialty. To ensure the effectiveness of these teachings, a designated discharge nurse is given the responsibility to deliver one on one discharge education to patients during the hospital stay with continuing support and guidance. In addition, a telephonic helpline service model was also designed for post discharge patients to answer their quarries and concerns, to perform follow up calls and to ensure their safe adjustment to home. Moreover, a constructive use of social media through What’s App group is formulated as per these specialties in collaboration with primary physician for the discussion of post discharge patients’ concerns on daily basis. During the month from January 2017 to July 2017, 2266 patients were discharged from the heart, lungs and vascular service line. The discharged nurse contacted 2247 patients means about 98% patients are been contacted through follow up calls and their concerns are managed at home. Moreover, majority of the patient’s concerns are dealt by discharge nurse and few were required to discuss with physician/consultants. This initiative led overall patient satisfaction level to 90%, and reduced readmission rates. The discharge process is the most important implementing plan in the hospital to communicate with the patients.