Professor Nandakumaran Obtained his Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Reproductive Physiology from University of Paris VI, France in 1979. Worked for 4 Years as Research Consultamt in Biochemcial Pharmacology at St Vincent de Paul Hospital, Paris, France , Working currenlty as Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Kuwait Medical Faculty, DrNandakumaran specilaizes in maternal-fetal exchange of nutrients and drugs in humans and animals in normal and disease states and has publsihed nearly 90 research papers in International Scientific Journals as well as in International Conferences


Diabetes Mellitus in pregnancy is well known to be associated with increased maternal as well as neonatal mortality and morbidity. Altered disposition of essential trace elements and anti-oxidant function have been implicated in genesis of the disease as well as in increasing incidence of congenital malformations in the diabetic state as well. Previous studies in our laboratory have shown altered maternal-fetal disposition of some essential trace elements such Cu.Fe, Mo, Se and Zn in both insulin-dependent as well as gestational diabetic pregnancies. However there have been no reports to date on maternal-fetal transport of essential trace elements such as Cr, Mn and V in diabetic pregnancies in humans or experimental animals. Here we report for the first time in the literature maternal-fetal transport kinetics of the above mentioned trace elements in control and normoglycemic state and have explored the possible effect hyperglycemic diabetic state on the transport kinetics of the above elements in diabetic model human placental lobule in vitro, using perfusion of isolated human placental lobules in vitro. This perfusion method has been used extensively by us in assessing maternal-fetal transport of a variety of drugs and nutrients, including essential trace elements in control as well as diabetic pregnancies as well. Our studies show that hyperglycemia state alters maternal-fetal transport kinetics of above trace elements in vitro which could have nefarious fetal effects on the baby in the womb in hyperglycemic diabetes states.

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