Muammer Goncuoglu

Muammer Goncuoglu

Ankara University, Turkey

Title: Salmonella risk in poultry meat


Muammer Goncuoglu has received his DVM from Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 and PhD in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Food Hygiene and Technology Department in 2003. He has been working as an Academic Staff in the same department as Associate Professor Doctor. His main research areas are food hygiene, food microbiology, antimicrobial resistance of pathogens and public health.


Salmonella is one of the most important pathogens and causes important health risks and economic problems throughout the world. This bacterium has a major public health role which can infect people by consumption of different foods. Among all other foods, like vegetables, animal originated foods etc., poultry meat act as one of the most important and risky food for the human health for food-borne salmonellosis. Poultry meat and edible offal could be contaminated with Salmonella in different production steps such as slaughterhouses, meat processing etc. However according to the farm to table concept we have to focus on this fact from the breeding to the end of consumption of the poultry meat. The majority of human cases of non-typhoidal salmonellosis are caused by a limited number of serovars, which may vary with different geographic areas and time. Antimicrobial resistance profiles of the serovars of Salmonella spp., also has to be considered as one of the major public health risk. As a result, continuous monitoring of Salmonella prevalence and resistance in the food supply is necessary, both in national and international level, because of the public health implications of a potential spread of resistant microorganisms.

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