Mucio Joao Porto

Mucio Joao Porto

Clinic Mucio Porto, Brazil

Title: Female genitalia: Aesthetic approach


Mucio Joao Porto is a Plastic Surgeon from Brazil, by Prof Ivo Pitanguy at Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and a master in Aging Studies by Catholic University of Brasilia. He is also Invited-Professor at College of Medicine, Catholic University of Brasil, and an International Lecturer. Furthermore he is the Owner of Mucio Porto Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine in Brasilia, Brazil. He completed the course in medicine at the Federal University of Goiás, in 1985. He accomplished internship at a public hospital of Sao Paulo and residency in general surgery at the Hospital of the Armed Forces in Brasilia in 1988. Subsequently he has been approved in the course of specialization in plastic surgery by the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Professor Ivo Pitanguy service from 1989 to 1992 and received title of Plastic Surgeon, ranked first among physicians of various parts of the world. He has travelled around the world to solidify his knowledge in teaching centers such as Baltimore, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Miami in the U.S. for training in facial peels, videoscopic facial surgery, hair implants and breast augmentation with adipose stem cells. He has also attended the French Institute of the hand and liposuction clinic of Professor Ives Gerard-Illous in Paris, France. In addition, he participated in visits to the Cantonal University of Geneva in Switzerland, Breast Reconstruction Institute of Genova, and University of Milan, Italy, among others. He also completed masters in studies of aging - Gerontology - Catholic University of Brasilia in 2008, where he passed with honors with a dissertation on “The nose on Aging, a study through self-portraits.” Presently he is a PhD candidate in Genomic Sciences and Biotechnology, which aims to study the role of stem cells in aging. He is a visiting professor in the Masters of Gerontology and Faculty of Medicine and a member of several medical societies such as the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, among others. He has presented scientific papers at various medical meetings in Brazil and in several countries as well as writing book chapters nationally and internationally. He has received numerous titles and awards as an indication for the “Who’s Who in the World” and “Educators of the World 2010 “Biographical Institute of Cambridge in the UK. Prof Porto practices currently in the trendy district of South Lake in Brasilia, capital of Brazil.


Aesthetic gynecology is a relatively new branch of medicine that allows woman to correct their intimate body part and demands for this procedure are already very high. These procedures were most commonly required due to the damage resulting from child birth, defects of the intimate parts. Today our aim is also to give back our patients the quality of their intimate relationship and to intervene in case of discomforts during sexual intercourse and/or dissatisfaction of the body parts. We have at our disposal treatments that involve surgery and new procedures both for functional or cosmetic disorder. The difference stays in the problem we have to solve. Regarding surgery, at the moment we can use it in woman for labiaplasty (reduction or augmentation), clitoral hood reduction and for the mount of venus. The use of laser and hyaluronic acid is a revolution of our time because it means some less invasive treatments for sexual complexes and a new frontier to face till now unexplored disorders. All this is well accepted by the patient that can start living her sexuality with freedom and enjoying it. As regards the new treatments in woman aesthetic gynecology we have also to consider laser for vulvovaginal pathologies and restructuration through the use of CO2 laser, for the rejuvenation and regeneration of vagina mucosa and the perineal reduction with manual treatments and with botulinum toxin injection or with PRP in association with threads. The most important thing to consider is the impact that these new treatment have on patients. Sexual life is a psychological aspect that can really influence in a positive way the life of a person.