Muhammed A Ismail graduated from Baghdad University, Faculty of Engineering, Petroleum Engineering Department in 2006, June. In September 2007, he successfully passed the Turkish examination conducted in Kirkuk and got eligibility to study Master's in Republic of Turkey. In 2007, he started in Gazi University in Turkey, Ankara, Training and Education Center (Tomer). I participated successfully TCS exam in 2008, July and got study in Istanbul University. In 14-Oct-2008 registered in Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering Geological Engineering Department. In 18-Aug-2011 graduated from this school and got a master's degree. In 2011, September I started working as a teaching in Kirkuk University. In 2013, October I got a scholarship to study for a doctorate PhD in Azerbaijan, Baku. Know I’m studying in Khazar University Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Petroleum and Gas Engineering department.



The main aim of this research is to determine nearest and acceptable predicted permeability value obtained from wire line logs compared with those values coming from core sample analysis within two wells belonging to two domes from small giant Bai Hassan oil field, using irreducible water saturation graph method. This work consists of three main parts: Part one is well logs analysis, which involves determination of Archie petrophysical parameters, porosity corrected from volume of shale, water saturation and irreducible water saturation. The second part is predicting permeability using irreducible water saturation from well log analysis and comparing the estimated values with the data of permeability that measured from core sample in BH-20 and BH-53 well. The last part was using SPSS statistic software to determine the factor that can give the very nearest and acceptable values, these values uses to estimate real permeability for another wells distributed on each dome of the small giant Bai Hassan oil field. Excellent correlation obtained (R2=0.978 in BH-20 and R2=0.9945 in BH-53) between estimated permeability values based on irreducible water saturation and permeability that got from core sample. The result of statistical method (SPSS software) is:

K Core = (K Predicted*1.040)-3.363 (BH-20) [Kithka Dome]

K Core = (K Predicted*1.030)-3.359 (BH-53) [Daoud Dome]