She has authored more than 250 scientific and clinical articles in peer-reviewed journals, has given over 400 presentations at international scientific meetings, is a frequent lecturer at scientific meetings, receiver of several international awards and has held numerous continuing education courses in Europe. She serves also for the editorial boards of several scientific journals. Her clinical expertise is on reconstructive dentistry. She has also Visiting Professor Positions at various universities including São Paolo State University (Brazil), Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), University of Brno (Czech Republic), University of Madrid (Spain) and University of Florida (USA).


Durable adhesion of glassy matrix or oxide-based ceramics is crucial especially for minimally invasive reconstructions. This lecture will highlight the fundamental principles of adhesion to different ceramics, cover current knowledge and the clinical protocols regarding to surface conditioning methods and adhesion promoters to be used in conjunction with different resin-based materials.
Learning objectives: 1- Prerequisites for durable adhesion to different ceramics
2- Surface conditioning methods and working mechanisms
3- Clinical sequence of adhesion protocols for cementation and repair