Nádia Carolina Teixeira Marques

Nádia Carolina Teixeira Marques

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Title: DMP-1 expression in vital pulp treated with Low-Level Laser Therapy


Nádia Carolina Teixeira Marques graduated in Dentistry from Federal University of Alfenas – UNIFAL-MG. At the age of 24 years became MSc in Pediatric Dentistry at Bauru School of Dentistry, USP - University of São Paulo. Currently acts as PhD student from Bauru School of Dentistry, USP - University of São Paulo. She has published 10 papers in scientific journals, besides serving as periodic reviewer. Areas of Expertise: Pediatric dentistry; Pulp therapy; Laser Therapy.


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of Low-Level Laser therapy (LLLT) on dentin matrix protein-1 (DMP-1) expression in pulp tissue repair of human primary teeth. Twenty mandibular primary molars were allocated into the following groups: Buckley’s Formocresol (FC); Calcium Hydroxide (CH); LLLT + CH and LLLT + Zinc/Oxide Eugenol (ZOE), and received pulpotomy treatment. The teeth at the regular exfoliation period were extracted and further processed for histological evaluation and immunolocalization of DMP-1. An established score system was used to analyze the dentin pulp complex, and for the immunolocalization of the DMP-1 a descriptively analysis was carried out. Statistical analysis was performed by Kruskal-Wallis and chi-square test (p<0.05). LLLT+CH group presented the lowest degree of pulpal inflammation (p=0.0296) compared to FC group. The highest rate of hard tissue barrier (p=0.0033) and odontoblastic layer (p=0.0033) was present in CH group than in FC and LLLT+ZOE groups; furthermore, CH group showed higher rates for dense collagen fibers (p=0.0095) in comparison with both groups. In contrast with LLLT+ZOE and LLLT+CH groups, FC revealed the highest incidence of internal resorption (p=0.0142). Immunohistochemistry analysis showed DMP-1 immunopositivity in CH and LLLT+CH groups, indicating the reparative and bio-inductive capacity of these materials. No immunostaining for DMP-1 was observed both in FC and LLLT+ZOE groups. According to this study, Low-Level Laser Therapy preceding the use of calcium hydroxide exhibited satisfactory histological response and bio-inductive activity by the expression of DMP-1 on pulp tissue healing of human primary teeth.

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