Nada Faiez K  Alabdulkarim: Poster 11

Nada Faiez K Alabdulkarim: Poster 11

King Saud university, Saudi Arabia

Title: Perinatal and Neonatal Morbidities among Infant of Diabetic Mother


Nada Alabdulkarim has graduated (2013) from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia with a bachelor degree of Medicine and surgery plus honor class. Nada completed two years of general pediatric training in Saudi Arabia. She has been interested in public health education and organized many events for that. Currently, she is working on research subjects including neonates of diabetic mothers and neonatal infections. In addition Nada is a member of the Saudi Pediatric society.


Background: The higher prevalence of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy causes perinatal and neonatal morbidities. There is a greater risk of morbidity among the infants born to diabetic mother. The study has aimed to investigate the perinatal and neonatal complications among the infants of diabetic mother. Methods: Quantitative research design was opted for the analysis of results. It has included the neonates born to diabetic mothers between July 1 2014-June 30 2015 in King Khalid University Hospital of King Saud University Medical City. A total of 279 mothers and 289 infants were enrolled in the study. The mothers were regularly checked during their gestation period and glucose levels of all the infants born to diabetic mother were monitored. Results: The potential complications causing neonatal morbidity and mortality have been highlighted in the study. The infants born to diabetic mothers were extensively observed to suffer metabolic abnormalities including hypoglycemia. Regarding the mode of delivery, majority of the diabetic mothers (61.5%) had spontaneous delivery; while others (38.5%) had induced delivery. The neonates born to diabetic mother were at risk of developing hypoglycemia (p= 0.008), hyperbilirubenemia (p= 0.014), respiratory distress syndrome (p= 0.035), admission in NICU (p= 0.005), and congenital anomalies (p= 0.024). Conclusion: The poor maternal diabetic control poses higher risk of neonatal morbidity and mortality. There is greater risk of adverse neonatal outcome among the mothers suffering gestational diabetes mellitus.