Naif A Almosa

King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Title: Enamel demineralization around metal and ceramic brackets: In vitro study


Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate the degree of enamel demineralization of teeth bonded with ceramic and metal brackets.
Materials & Methods: In this cross-sectional experimental in-vitro study, 60 extracted human premolar teeth were selected according to certain criteria. They were divided into three groups; 20 premolar teeth in each group. Teeth in group-1 were bonded with APC Plus Adhesive Ceramic brackets, and teeth in group-2 were bonded with APC Plus Adhesive Metal brackets, while teeth in group-3 were not bonded with any brackets “control group”. All groups were then immersed in demineralization media, de-bonded, sectioned into three parts (proximal-1, middle, and proximal-2), and evaluated in the aspect of enamel
demineralization under Scanning Electron Microscope.
Results: On tooth level, the results show that the control group has significantly less enamel demineralization compared to the two experimental groups with mean value of 145.3μm and 192.7μm, respectively (P=0.000). The mean value of enamel demineralization in metal group is 55.93μm compared to 72.55μm in ceramic group, which is significantly less (P≤0.05), while there is no difference between the control and metal group with regard to enamel demineralization. On section level, the control group has significantly less enamel demineralization in all three sections compared to the ceramic group, while the significance is found in one of proximal section when compared with the metal group. Moreover, the ceramic group has significantly higher enamel demineralization in the middle section compared to the metal group (73.54μm, 46.5μm respectively) (P=0.000), while there is no statistical significant difference between the two experimental groups in proximal sections.
Conclusion: Non-bonded teeth have showed least demineralization compared to bonded teeth. Moreover, teeth bonded with ceramic brackets have showed significantly higher demineralization compared to teeth bonded with metal brackets.