Nany Hassan Abu Al-Makarim is Lecturer of Internal Medicine, Geriatrics Department at Alexandria University, Egypt. She has done her MS in Rheumatology and MD in Geriatrics.


Objective: To evaluate the role of the detection of ischemia modifi ed albumin (IMA) level in the diff erentiation between ischemic and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular stroke. Materials & Methods: Sixty elderly persons classifi ed into three groups, 25 patients diagnosed with cerebral infarction, 15 patients diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and 20 elderly healthy persons with matched age as control were enrolled in the study. IMA was measured using the available chemical method and computerized tomography (CT) was done for diagnosis of brain lesions. Results: IMA was signifi cantly higher in patient group than control group. Th ere was positive signifi cant correlation between age, albumin with IMA, (P=0.000 and 0.037 respectively). However there was no statistical signifi cant diff erence between sex and diagnosis cross tabulation (0.51). It was found that, IMA was statistically higher in infarction group than hemorrhage group (P=0.000) and IMD index was statistically higher in infarction group than hemorrhage group (P=0.013). Our investigation in elderly patients suggests that IMA assay is a sensitive marker for early detection ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

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