Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Seoul, Korea

Title: Management of Industrial Wastewater Ocean Discharge in Korea


Seoweon Jo has completed her Master from INHA University in Korea and working for Korea Institute of Industrial Technology as a researcher. Her main job is to support SMEs to well comply national/international environmental regulations through diverse program such as regular education, seminars, international workshops etc. Also, she is doing on-line/off-line cunsultation regarding environmental regulations, especially chemical regulations for the companies.


In August 2016, Korean press media released the news highlighting the discharge of hazardous chemicals from power plant into surfaces waters of the sea in Ulsan area. The power plant used antifoaming agent which contains hazardous substance(dimethylpolysiloxane) to reduce the formation of foam for cooling system. Ministry of Maritime Affaires and Fisheries in Korea announced that the plant violate the law(Marine Environment Management) because Dimethylpolysiloxane(PDMS) is a prohibited substance to discharge into the sea as a Noxious Liquid Substances by MARPOL 73/78. However, there is no standard to apply as a noxious liquid substance and no one knows the power plant is in the scope of Marine facilities of that law. ME(Ministry of Environment) and MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) argued it is uncertain how to discharge and there is no standards to apply. In this reason, MOTIE & KITECH started feasibility study research of the regulations. This follow up study investigated how treat and discharge wastewater containing hazardous chemicals from a facility, especially, power plants and companies in shore line. The primary objective is to find a reasonable method to make standards related in discharging industrial wastewater