Natalia Isaza Brando

Natalia Isaza Brando

Children's National Health System, USA

Title: The use of breast milk in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Natalia Isaza Brando is an Associate Neonatology Physician in Children’s National Health System, Washington DC. She had work experience as Neonatology Physician Associate, NICU attending, Adjunct Instructor in Pediatrics, Health and Wellbeing Program Director, Instructor, Health Educator, Pediatrician and Physician. She is interested in investigating the short and long-term impact of maternal depression on mother-infant behaviors.


I will intend to cover during the talk: The bioactive components in human milk that influence the immune status of newborns; the physiological and protective functions of the immune components in human milk: Anti-microbial substances and antibodies; the constituents in breast milk that promote tolerance and priming of the immune system in the newborn; how breastfeeding provides passive and long-lasting active immunity; how the use of oral immunotherapy with colostrum in the first days of life of sick newborns can improve their response to infections in the NICU; how human milk can improve the incidence of nosocomial infections in the NICU.