Nataly Lazarovitch

Nataly Lazarovitch

Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, Israel

Title: Nursing care: Aspect in treatment ECMO patients


My name is Nataly lazarovitch, I was completed my MA before 2 years from Tel Aviv University.  At last 8 years I am working in intensive care cardiac surgery Sheba medical Center and two last years I am Deputy Head Nurse in ICU Cardiac Surgery.


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is a complex and expensive technology that can be used to provide temporary support during respiratory and heart (or bough) failure. Two cases of critically ill patients who received ECMO  using different forms of circuitry and for different indications and presented. Both patients had life-threating problems with shock and were not able to be supported by conventional means. We discuss the expanding indications for this technology and the role it has to play in our intensive care nursing management. We find a number of important managerial and policy implications regarding technological adoption, like ECMO, specialization in this professional domain, and the quality of interaction nursing team.  Focuses on the process of decision making in managing the care of ECMO clients experiencing critical conditions that are life threatening and/or involve multiple body systems and multiple machine system.  Complex medical-surgical-nursing conditions in intensive care units are discussed in terms of pathophysiology, etiology, diagnosis, and treatments that are based on current research and experience over the years