Natela Dvalishvili

Natela Dvalishvili

Georgian Technical University, Georgia

Title: Impact of incineration of municipal solid waste on climate change in Georgia


Natela Dvalishvili has completed her PhD from Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University and Postdoctoral studies from Institute of Hydrometeorology of Georgian National Academy of Sciences of Ecology. She is the main Scientist of Department of Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Prognosis of Institute of Hydrometeorology of Georgian Technical University. She has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals and is the Head and expert of more projects.


Currently, the improvement of solid waste management in Georgia implying harmonization of the on-going process of the development of waste management in Georgia with the European waste management policy is one of the state priorities. At present up to 90% of wastes generated in country are disposed without any separation and any reduce procedures. To improve waste management practices in Georgia, the Law on “Waste Management Code” was enacted on January 15, 2015, as well as “The National Waste Management Strategy for 2016-2020” and “The National Waste Management Action Plan for 2016-2020” were approved by the Resolution on April 1, 2016 of the Government of Georgia. The goal of our project was inventory of methane from waste sector of Georgia by uses of IPCC 2006 methodology. The results of our studies showed that, with the gradual implementation of measures incineration of municipal solid waste in accordance with the law documents, methane emissions from Georgia's landfills in the period 2021-2030 decrease by an average of 6%.