Navinchandra G. Ashar

Navdeep Enviro and Technical Services Pvt. Ltd, India

Title: Comparative Study of Techno-Economic Evaluation of the Production of Liquid Sulphur Dioxide


Navinchandra G Ashar after graduation in Chemical Engineering at IIT, Beneras Hindu University, India in 1954 took experience in Design and Development of Chemical Industry for two years with M/s. A. P. V. Engineering (A wholly owned British Company) in Calcutta, India. In 1956 he went to Masachussets Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA for Post-Graduate Degree in Chemical Engineering. In 1958, he was appointed as a faculty member of MIT. After three years, in 1961, he returned to India and joined M/s. Dharamsee Morarjee Chemicals Company Ltd. (DMCC) Mumbai, India. After 27 years, he formed his own consultancy company at Mumbai in the name of Navdeep Enviro and Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. Currently he is MD and conducting the affairs of the company for several projects in India and Abroad.


Sulphur di-oxide has been a key chemical as a starting point of many chemical products inclusive of Sulphuric Acid, liquid sulphur di-oxide, oleums, liquid sulphur tri-oxide, etc. Recently the requirement of liquid sulphur di oxide has increased due to production of specialty chemicals in the production of petroleum refining and other products. With the uncertainty of the prices of oil, the field has become very competitive. Hence, technologies established over several decades have to be revalued for its capital costs, utility costs, manpower requirements, and maintenance, environment and safety considerations. It is also the starting step for the cold process of manufacture of sulphuric acid, liquid sulphur trioxide, oleum under high pressure conversion with zero emission of sulphur di-oxide. The paper will highlight positive and negative points of prevalent manufacturing facilities of liquid sulphur di-oxide.

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