Nawal Khalafallah Current research interests include improving drug performance using lipid vesicles as carriers. Industry-related research interests include looking at the effect of source of excipients on excipient characteristics, and on product performance. Participated in developing a postgraduate two year PharmD program for hospital pharmacists


Several published articles have tackled the issue of improving vancomycin performance. Th e performance areas targeted in these studies included broadening antibacterial spectrum to include Gram-negative organisms, enhancing antibacterial activity against drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus and enhancing the antibiofi lm activity. One of the active research areas in the Department of Pharmaceutics has been lipid vesicles including liposomes and niosomes among other types of modifi ed liposomes such as propylene glycol liposomes with the aim of using these vesicles as vancomycin carriers to improve antibiofi lm activity including inhibition and eradication of biofi lms forming on abiotic sufaces such as catheters. Th is presentation focuses on challenges encountered, and on lessons learnt, while conducting research in this area. Some of the challenges are related to vancomycin itself and some arise from the methodology used. Th e presentation also touches on speculation of how to move such systems from bench to bedside.

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