Neelakandha S Mani was born in Kozhikode, India in 1957. He completed his B.Sc. in chemistry at Malabar Christian College and Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Science under the supervision of Professor G.S.R. Subba Rao. He spent 3 years with Anthony G.M. Barrett (Northwestern and Colorado State University) and 4 years with Craig A. Townsend (Johns Hopkins University) as post-doctoral researcher.  After 5 years as a scientist at Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). India and 3 years as a senior scientist at Ligand Pharmaceuticals he moved to Johnson and Johnson in 2000.  His areas of expertise and research interests include medicinal chemistry; heterocyclic chemistry; natural products; organo-fluorine chemistry and the role of purpose-driven synthetic route design in pharmaceutical R&D.


Fused heterocyclic azoles represent an important class of molecules in the pharmaceutical industry.  This presentation will focus on our efforts towards development of novel synthetic methodologies to access fused triazoles and pyrazoles more efficiently.  Demonstration of the versatility of these methods towards the synthesis of potential drug candidates will also be presented.

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