Negar Omidi completed Masters (MD) in General medicine from Iran university of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (1999-2007). She then specialized in cardiology from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (2009-2013). She worked in Tehran Heart Center and Ziaeian Hospital for quite a long time. She is currently the Assistant Professor in the Cardiology department of Tehran Heart Center, Tehran, Iran.


Introduction: Pregnancy can affect cardiac conduction system and make the pregnant women susceptible to arrhythmias, as increased susceptibility to atrial ones are common and ventricular arrhythmias are rare, but deadly.
Material and methods: Current study performed on 96 pregnant women, aged between 18 to 35 years, from 2015 to 2016. The sampling was simple convenient. Standard 12-lead surface electrocardiogram took at first trimester (2-nd month) and repeated on third trimester (8th month) and electrocardiographic indices calculated.
Results: The mean PR interval in T1 period was 133.36±20.9 ms and in T3 was 125.03±22.6ms (P =0.046).The mean QT in T1and T3 were 324.02±19.4ms 314.30±18.9ms respectively. (P <0.001).mean JT interval in T1 and T3 were 171.42±78.4ms and 166.48±75ms respectively (P=0.052). QRS duration in T1 and T3 were 98.02±9.1ms and 90.47±8.4 ms respectively (P=0.027). Mean of QTc (corrected QT interval) were 393.20±42.48 ms and 384.03± 23.2  in T1 and T3 respectively(P 0.023).
Discussion: According to our results mean parameters of electrocardiographic indices as PR, QT, RR, QRS and TP between two trimesters showed significant statistical differences. Mean of these indices reduced significantly, except JT and all of these indices were in normal range.

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