Physicians Trần Minh Đức & Nguyễn Thị Triệu from Vietnam, they are pursuing a combination of natural herbal and medicinal artificially to create a new breakthrough towards helping improve the quality of life. They are rediscovering nature and nurture as safer in treatment, cost effective health and healing resources


Phyllanthus Cantoniensis Hornem - Herba Adenosmatis Caerulei - Herba Eclipta - Vitamin C combination plus Tenofovir in treatment of acute and chronic hepatitis B. Method the combination of drugs derived from natural and artificial medicaments. Has stronger effect on immune system, effective good against HBV replication. This is a substantial new insight into the pathogenesis of disease, with a clear path toward clinical application, or which would lead to a substantial advance and perfect in management or public health policy. Triple

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