Nicola Barabanti

Nicola Barabanti

Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

Title: New prespective and excellence in restoring posterior teeth


Nicola Barabanti graduated in Dentistry at the University of Brescia in October 2004 with honors, tutor of Conservative Dentistry since 2005 at University of Brescia. He is the invited professor in the University of Valencia (Spain) and Pisa (Italy). He is the author of several papers and posters on the themes of Adhesive Dentistry on National and International Magazines. He is the active member of IAED , SIDOC and founding member of BNM. He works in his private offices applying mostly in Adhesive and Esthetic Dentistry.


The desire for an invisible restoration causes the patient , now with greater frequency , to require the use of aesthetic material also in the posterior teeth. These materials, as the adhesives, are highly conservative and must be considered a safe therapeutic choice, both for vital and endodontically treated teeth Today it is possible to reconstruct also the severely compromised elements with composite inlays The aim of the lecture is to illustrate the characteristics of goods, provide the technological basis and updated clinical , which may lead to a critical knowledge and targeted materials proposed by the market. In the lecture all the procedures will be summarized and then demonstrated through the presentation of some clinical cases, with video and 3D movies , giving suggestions for the clinical success and predictability of the results. We will analyze the correct guidelines to indirect restorations in posterior teeth , the possibilities of use and clinical sequences of the latest techniques for the adhesive restorations.