Niharika Mehta

Niharika Mehta

Brown university, USA

Title: Nephrolithiasis in pregnancy


Mehta is an assistant professor of Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University. Having completed the Obstetric medicine fellowship through Brown University, she proceeded to join Women and Infants Hospital, department of OB medicine as a consulting attending. She is currently the Director of Ambulatory Services in the Division of Obstetric Medicine at Women and Infants’ hospital in Providence, RI.


Nephrolithiasis leading to renal colic is the most common nonobstetric cause of abdominal pain in pregnancy, necessitating hospitalization. There are several physiologic and anatomical changes in pregnancy that lead to increased propensity for stone formation. The proposed talk will include a review of these changes, the effect of disease on pregnancy, preferred imaging modalities in pregnancy and management considerations, with special reference to interventions in the light of pregnancy safety.

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