Nikita Hari

Nikita Hari

University of Cambridge, UK

Title: GaN Power Electronic Solutions For Efficient Wireless Power Transfer


Nikita Hari is a Doctoral Scholar in Electrical Engineering from University of Cambridge, UK. She is a gold medallist for both her Bachelors in Electronics and Instrumentation from CUSAT University (2003) and Masters in Power Electronics from SRM University, Chennai, India (2011). She worked as a lecturer at National Institute of Technology, Calicut and then as a Visiting Research Associate at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


She is currently working as a supervisor tutoring Electrical Engineering course at the Engineering department of University of Cambridge for Churchill College. She is also the Co-founder of Favalley , serves as the  Chairperson of EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics-UK, Secretary-IEEE , Steering committee Camawise , Advisory board member for Xter Tech Labs & Educational Consultant at iQdemic . Her current research interests include GaN power electronics and custom power electronic devices. She has published in international journals & conferences and is a prominent invited speaker for STEM and Science outreach events in UK and India.


The world deals day in and day out with electrical power — billions of kWh of power is delivered from wall outlets to power our electronic devices all with the help of ‘power cord’ .World is becoming smarter every day and the need to cut this cord and go wireless which was envisioned by Tesla years ago is finally set to become a reality now.


From mobile computing & communications, vehicle charging to medical equipemts and implants , wirless technology is drawing centre stage. The pressing demands for convenience, flexibility and safety has created a strong desire to make this technology real .But the problems regarding implementation are many and my talk focuses on the heart of the wireless system –the amplifier using the novel Gallium nitride based devices.

In my talk, I will walk you through the wireless power landscape, introducing the GaN RF space, state of the art amplifiers, benefits of GaN wireless technology ,potential applications, review the applicability of these devices in the real world and finally discuss whether they will compete, coexist with other age old technologies to unleas the era of wireless power transfer.