Nirmala Chauhan

Government College Kullu

Title: Dietary fiber psyllium based hydrogels for use in insulin delivery


Nirmala Chauhan has completed her PhD in 2013 from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India. She is presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Chemistry in Government Degree College Kullu (under Himachal Pradesh University Shimla-5), India. She has published 14 papers in reputed journals and has also presented more than 8 research papers in national symposia/conferences.


The present article is related to the development of psyllium based oral insulin delivery systems that could release insulin in a controlled and sustained manner. Psyllium is a medicinally important gel, forming glucose lowering dietary fiber and drug delivery system developed by its functionalization will have the double potential of curing diabetes. Psyllium and acrylamide/methacrylamide based hydrogels were prepared, and the effect of pH on the release dynamics of insulin from drug loaded hydrogels has been studied to evaluate the drug release mechanism. Non-Fickian diffusion mechanism has been observed for the release of insulin in the pH 7.4 buffer for which the rate of drug diffusion and rate of polymer chain relaxation are comparable. Therefore, drug release depends on two simultaneous rate processes, water migration into the device and drug diffusion through continuously swelling hydrogels. In each release medium, the earlier stage of the diffusion coefficient has been observed more than the late time diffusion coefficient.