Nouf Ali Salem Alharbi

Nouf Ali Salem Alharbi

Healthpoint, UAE

Title: Current concepts in endodontic irrigation and smear layer removal


Nouf Ali Salem Alharbi has completed her DDS at Cairo University in 2005 and joined Boston University, Institute for Dental Research and Education where, she has completed her CAGS and MSD in Endodontics in 2012. She has held many positions in UAE. Currently, she is working as an Endodontist at health point.


Endodontics is the clinical management of a microbiological problem. The aim of root canal treatment is to eliminate bacteria from the infected root canal and to prevent reinfection. Although, biomechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal greatly reduces the number of bacteria; in necrotic infected canals, the reduction in bacteria is challenging. The microbes extend into the dentinal tubules where instruments do not reach. In addition, the anatomical complexity of the root canal system prevents complete removal of the organic and inorganic residues and bacteria. Microbes thus persist and directly affect the clinical outcomes of endodontic treatment. Shaping is not equal to cleaning. The microbes in the dentinal tubules are the source of recontamination after endodontic treatment. The strategy is to focus on the factor that determines the success of endodontic treatment: Disinfection. Irrigation plays a key role in disinfection. The past decade has various studies on the effectiveness of various irrigating solutions available and developed in the market. But considering the vapor lock effect and the tenacity of biofilms to change their phenotypes, Walton and Torabinajed have so aptly put forth a vital question- "Is good disinfection related to irrigating solutions or Irrigating systems?" This Presentation will endeavor to discuss the importance of infection control to increase endodontic outcomes, and review all the classic and contemporary techniques, instruments and materials to achieve predictable and safe disinfection.