Nurcan Kolac

Nurcan Kolac

Marmara University, Turkey

Title: Elder neglect and abuse in Turkey


Nurse, Nurcan Kolaç was born in Mazgirt 1966. 1990 İzmir Ege University School of Health. 1994-1997 Academic year Hacettepe University of Health Sciences Institute of Public Health Department was awarded the Master's examination and began her graduate studies on 1994-2000. Karaelmas University college of Public Health Department. Nurcan Kolaç Marmara University public health nursing has long served as an instructor in the department. Academic mission, Marmara University faculty of health sciences nursing department, public health nursing, college of health sciences, nursing section continues.


Being considered as a burden in the face of rapid growth of elderly population, the inadequacy of social security and support systems and aggravating economic conditions, the elderly faces growing abuse and neglect. It has been emphasized that cases of neglect against the elderly in need of care are greater in number in multigenerational households and that the care giving family member might develop increased propensity for aggression and violence. Most of the elderly are financially dependent on their families. Need for care and the economic troubles of the family combined are considered to set the stage for neglect. Economic difficulties faced in physical and social changes that occur in old age result in violence against the elderly when the individual is not supported by caretaking at home or at an institution. Despite the fact that a large majority of elder abuse cases go unreported or undetected, it is estimated that approximately 4% to 10% of elderly persons are subject to abuse or neglect. As part of their studies on physical and financial abuse and neglect among 204 persons above 65 have found that 1.5% of the said persons face physical abuse and the abuser is the son or the husband. It has been also found that the revenues of 2.5% of the elderly have been spent against their will. The actions included in the National Ageing Action Plan of 2007 may be listed as The Elderly and Development; Increasing Health and Welfare in Old Age; Providing Supportive Environments with Possibilities in Old Age. Goals aimed at the mental health of the elderly are a part of actions for Increasing Health and Welfare in Old Age and Providing Supportive Environments with Possibilities in Old Age. Among these actions, the subject entitled Abuse, Neglect and Violence includes Goal 1: "Elimination of All Sorts of Elder Neglect, Abuse and Violence, Regulation in four areas (legislative regulations, vocational education, taking measures through services (hotline to report abuse), community education)" and Goal 2: "Providing Services for the Prevention of Elder Abuse."

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