Nurjahan Afsary has completed his BDS at the age of 24 years from City Dental College Under Dhaka University Bangladesh. She is the Chief consultant of A R DENTAL & Maxillofacial Care Research and training Centre and owner of oral health and dental care.


Local sterilization and tissue Repair which generally termed as LSTR, brings a radicular change in the field of conservative dentistry. Efficacy against antibacterial environment and non-surgical healing of peri apical lesions much better than calcium hydroxide. LSTR 3Mix-MP, Using an antibacterial drug combination, therapy is a novel caries, pulpal treatment of primary tooth and root canal treatment. LSTR 3Mix-MP aims to eliminate causative bacteria from lesions, and after sterilization, the host's natural tissue recovery process usually the lesions are repaired or resolved. LSTR 3Mix MP where TAP (triple antibiotics paste) such as:- Metronidazole, Ciprofloxacin, Minocycline and Vehicle MP Macrogol/polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol used to prepare. TAP has great antibacterial efficacy particularly against enterococci which remains after successful root canal treatment, effective eradication of the causative microorganisms during root canal treatment procedures. Residual infection in Root canal therapy has always been an area of interdermind or vague for a treating dental surgeon. Lesion sterilization and tissue repair (LSTR) therapy is a non-surgical or non-conventional endodontic treatment procedure that involves non-instrumentation or minimal instrumentation followed by placement of a triple antibiotic paste in a medication along with Macrogol and Propylene glycol.