Nuru Ahmed Seid

Nuru Ahmed Seid

Bahirdar University, Ethiopia

Title: Double intussusception of ileum through patent vitellointestinal duct: Case report


Nuru Ahmed is a Senior Surgical Resident in Bahirdar University, Ethiopia. He is a graduate from Jimma University and he is currently practicing Surgery in Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital.


A patent vitellointestinal duct is an uncommon condition and its persistence can result in different vitelline duct anomalies, most common of which is Meckel’s diverticulum. Patent duct with prolapse of bowel through it is a very rare condition. Here we present a case of double intussusception of ileum through patent VID in a 31 year old boy. The boy had history of cough which increases the intra abdominal pressure and causes the prolapse through the patent VID. Because there was some ischemic segment of bowel and the defect was wide we did resection and end to end anastomosis. The case is a very rare condition. Its incidence, diagnosis and treatment will be discussed.