Olutoyin Sonuyi

University of Lagos & LUTH Lagos, Nigeria

Title: Normative values of selected anthropometric measures of nigerians in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


Olutoyin Sonuyi is a fuculty University of Lagos & LUTH Lagos, Nigeria and have published several paper on orthopedics on many reputed journals.


Background: Anthropometric measures are important to physical fitness and weight control programs as adiposity indices often used to measure the outcomes of such programs are derived from them. Body type classification systems are also based on anthropometric measures. Anthropometry data on the Nigerian population are not readily available. The aim of this study was to determine standard values of selected anthropometric measures of subjects in different age groups from three local government areas of Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.
Methods: Subjects comprised 5,342 (2,741 males, 2,601 females) apparently healthy individuals aged 5 - 90 years. They were recruited into the cross sectional survey using the consecutive sampling technique. Weight, height, waist circumference, hip circumference and percentage body fat, were measured. BMI was computed from weight and height and waist - hip ratio from waist and hip circumferences. Data were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and percentages at 95% confidence interval of the distribution.
Results: Findings from the study reveals the range for the parameters assessed as: Weight 67.62 - 68.46, Height 1.65 - 1.66, Hip circumference 78.68 - 79.96, BMI 24.72 - 26.53, Percentage body fat 26.53 - 27.05, Waist circumference 69.53 - 70.73, Waist - hip ratio 0.87 - 0.88. The trend showed that the observed values increased with age until 60 - 69 years age group after which it dropped.
Conclusion: The normative values of selected anthropometric values of Nigerians in Ikeja, Lagos falls within the upper and lower bounds of the 95% confidence interval of the distribution. Further studies in this study area are recommended, especially in rural area of Nigeria and beyond.

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