Omeed Memar

Omeed Memar

Northwestern University

Title: Low level laser treatment for hair loss


Omeed Memar has completed his MD and PhD at the University of Texas and Dermatology Residency at University of Illinois School of Medicine. He is a premier hair transplant Surgeon. He has published many papers in reputed journals, patented numerous inventions and has been serving as an Editorial Board Member of repute.


Male pattern androgenetic alopecia (AAl) and female pattern hair loss (FPHL) are chronic conditions which causes social and psychological distress. In AAl hair recedes bilaterally from the anterior to posterior scalp and the vertex, while in FHPL hair thins diffusely on the entire crown and then sides without anterior receding . The treatment options are limited. One option is Low Level Laser Therapy. Here, I will review Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which emits a monochromatic and coherent beam in the red or near infrared wavelength. The logic behind the use of LLLT comes from observation of paradoxical hypertrichosis while attempting laser hair removal, especially in skin color. The mechanism of this is unknown.

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