Omer Engin

Omer Engin

Buca Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital, Surgery Department, Turkey

Title: Advices to operation techniques for recurrent goitre operation


Omer Engin is a general surgeon. He served as an scientific committee member in a lot of international conferences and as an editor a lot of international medical journals and books. His cited number is 120 and H index is 6.


Thyroid surgery has a lot of complications. Some of them are transient but some complications are permanent and sometime they start another complication so they are become first ring of the chain. These complications may become more than in recurrent thyroid operation. Some techniques have been developed for decreasing of these complications.
Intraoperative Nerve monitoring technique is very useful for prevent nerve injury. This technique is an EMG (electromyography) . Impulse is given to the nerve in the thyroidectomy operation area and EMG checks out in the tracheal receptor.
Another technique is methylene blue spraying method. Thyroid gland and parathyroid gland is dyed so the nerve can be seen in the operation area.
In the added to all of the technique, it should not be forgotten that carefully done operation is the most important thing. Thin tissue dissection is most important due to us. If thick tissue dissection is done in the operation, the recurrent nerve can not be seen in the thick tissue but the nerve can be seen easily in the thin dissected tissue